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08/21/17: Yesterday

15:35 Changeset [41127] by boonebgorges
  • trunk/wp-includes/class-wp-comment-query.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Introduce paged argument to WP_Comment_Query.

Using paged with number allows developers to request
paginated comment results without having to do a manual offset

Props AdamWills.
Fixes #38268.
Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41287


20:38 Changeset [41126] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/shortcodes.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Fix a typo in the DocBlock description for add_shortcode() introduced in [41281].

Props grapplerulrich.
See #37222.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41286

20:13 Changeset [41125] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/comment-template.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Clarify that get_comments_number() can return either a numeric string (for compatibility reasons) or 0 if the post doesn't exist.

Also update the hook doc for the get_comments_number filter to reflect the mixed type for $count.

Props kiranpotphode for the initial patch.
Fixes #38369.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41285

20:03 Changeset [41124] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/post-formats.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Improve the return description for get_post_format_slugs() to note that the array contains slugs as both keys and values.

Props danielbachhuber.
Fixes #38611.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41284

19:56 Changeset [41123] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/shortcodes.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Clarify that the second parameter passed to a shortcode callback is the shortcode content or null, rather than the content the shortcode was found in.

See #37222.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41283

19:48 Changeset [41122] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/shortcodes.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Shortcodes: Rename the $func parameter for add_shortcode() to $callback to improve clarity.

See #37222. See #41017.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41282

19:44 Changeset [41121] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/shortcodes.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Improve documentation for add_shortcode() by:

  • Removing inline examples already listed in the Code Reference
  • Improving the summary and description to explain how tag conflicts are handled
  • Supplement the docs for the $func parameter by describing the three arguments passed to a shortcode callback.

Props grapplerulrich for the initial patch.
Fixes #37222.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41281

19:23 Changeset [41120] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/taxonomy.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Add a note to the register_taxonomy() DocBlock that the object types defined in $object_type when modifying an already-registered taxonomy will be overwritten.

Props danielbachhuber and BjornW for the initial patches.
Fixes #34413.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41280

12:59 Changeset [41119] by johnbillion
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Build/Test tools: Revert [41278] because the PHP 5.2 environment on Travis doesn't support OpenSSL, hence the tests fail.

See #41676

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41279

12:31 Changeset [41118] by johnbillion
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Build/Test tools: Don't skip tests which rely on OpenSSL when the openssl extension isn't loaded.

See #41676

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41278

09:13 Changeset [41117] by swissspidy
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Build/Test Tools: Remove unneeded commas to fix JSHint error introduced
in [41271].

See #30666.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41277

04:37 Changeset [41116] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-cron.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Improve the usefulness and accuracy of the file header for wp-cron.php.

Props stevenlinx for the initial patch.
Fixes #31401.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41276

04:04 Changeset [41115] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Add a missing return description for the deprecated get_screen_icon() function.

See #41017.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41275

04:03 Changeset [41114] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Administration: Explicitly deprecate screen_icon() and get_screen_icon(), which were soft-deprecated in [26537] for 3.8.0.

Props ippei-sumida for the initial patch.
Fixes #41153.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41274

03:38 Changeset [41113] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-image-control.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Explicitly deprecate the add_tab(), remove_tab(), and print_tab_image() methods for WP_Customize_Image_Control, originally soft-deprecated in 4.1.

Props jrf.
See #41121.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41273


20:19 Changeset [41112] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/user.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Document user object parameters for a variety of functions in wp-includes/user.php as WP_User type instead of the more generic object type.

Props sebastianpisula.
Fixes #40945.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41272

20:10 Changeset [41111] by jorbin
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/about-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/about.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/admin-menu-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/admin-menu.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/color-picker-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/color-picker.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/blue/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/blue/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/blue/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/blue/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/coffee/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/coffee/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/coffee/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/coffee/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ectoplasm/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ectoplasm/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ectoplasm/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ectoplasm/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/light/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/light/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/light/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/light/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/midnight/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/midnight/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/midnight/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/midnight/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ocean/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ocean/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ocean/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/ocean/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/sunrise/colors-rtl.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/sunrise/colors-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/sunrise/colors.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/colors/sunrise/colors.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/common-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/common.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-controls-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-controls.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-nav-menus-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-nav-menus.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-widgets-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/customize-widgets.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/dashboard-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/dashboard.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/deprecated-media-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/deprecated-media.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/edit-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/edit.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/farbtastic-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/farbtastic.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/forms-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/forms.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/ie-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/ie.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/install-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/install.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/l10n-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/l10n.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/list-tables-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/list-tables.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/login-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/login.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/media-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/media.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/nav-menus-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/nav-menus.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/press-this-editor-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/press-this-editor.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/press-this-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/press-this.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/revisions-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/revisions.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/site-icon-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/site-icon.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/themes-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/themes.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/widgets-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/widgets.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/wp-admin-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-admin/css/wp-admin.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/admin-bar-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/admin-bar.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/buttons-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/buttons.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/customize-preview-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/customize-preview.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/dashicons.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/editor-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/editor.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/jquery-ui-dialog-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/jquery-ui-dialog.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/media-views-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/media-views.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-auth-check-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-auth-check.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-embed-template-ie.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-embed-template.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-pointer-rtl.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/css/wp-pointer.min.css
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Build/Test Tools: Add banner to minified CSS files

Patches occasionally come in on generated files. We should be kind to new contributors and give them a hint that these files are auto generated.

Props drewapicture, samuelsidler, netweb, valendesigns, kpdesign, nacin, jorbin
Fixes #30666

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41271

13:30 Changeset [41110] by johnbillion
  • trunk/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Media: bring the capability check in wp_ajax_crop_image() inline with those in wp_ajax_imgedit_preview() and wp_ajax_image_editor().

This change means that a user can crop an image if they have the ability to edit its attachment post, without requiring the ability to access the Customizer.

Fixes #40193

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41270

10:39 Changeset [41109] by flixos90
  • trunk/wp-admin/network/menu.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Multisite: Use correct capability for the Updates page in the network admin.

A user should not be required to have the update_core capability to access the Updates page. Having one of the update capabilities for core, plugins, themes and languages should be sufficient.

Fixes #41538.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41269


18:31 Changeset [41108] by flixos90
  • trunk/wp-admin/menu.php
  • trunk/wp-admin/network/settings.php
  • trunk/wp-admin/network/site-new.php
  • trunk/wp-admin/options-general.php
  • trunk/wp-admin/options.php
  • trunk/wp-admin/update-core.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/capabilities.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/default-filters.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Role/Capability: Introduce capabilities dedicated to installing and updating language files.

The new meta capabilities are called install_languages and update_languages. Prior to this change, there were no proper capability checks applied. Instead only the filesystem and related constants were checked, and for actual permissions a rather vague fallback was used where a user needed to have at least one of the other updating capabilities. In addition to being generally more verbose, the new capabilities make it possible for example to allow a user to update languages, but nothing else. By default they fall back to the original way of how they were handled.

Props johnbillion, flixos90.
Fixes #39677.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41268

18:19 Changeset [41107] by flixos90
  • trunk/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Post Thumbnails: Pass post ID to post_thumbnail_size filter.

In addition to the enhancement, tests for the filter usage including the new parameter have been added.

Props NathanAtmoz.
Fixes #39030.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41267

15:04 Changeset [41106] by obenland
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Widgets: Add tests for retrieve_widgets().

Helps with maintaining back compat when making changes in the future.

See #39693.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41266

14:24 Changeset [41105] by adamsilverstein
  • trunk/wp-includes/js/autosave.js
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Improve JavaScript documentation in autosave.js.

Add and improve JSDOC blocks.

Props carolinegeven.
Fixes #41203.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41265

13:10 Changeset [41104] by adamsilverstein
  • trunk/wp-admin/js/color-picker.js
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Docs: Improve JavaScript documentation in color-picker.js.

Add and improve JSDOC blocks.

Props carolinegeven, jjcomack, jipmoors.
Fixes #41063.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41264

11:00 Changeset [41103] by pento
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Tests: Rename ignored tests in multisite.xml.

For bonus :yolo: :friday:, this repeats [41262] for multisite.xml, which duplicates the ignored file list from phpunit.xml.dist.

See #41658.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41263

10:27 Changeset [41102] by pento
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Tests: Rename ignored tests in phpunit.xml.dist.

Some of the files renamed in [41261] are listed in phpunit.xml.dist, as they need to be ignore in PHP 5.2.

This followup commit changes phpunit.xml.dist to match their new names.

See #41658.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41262

09:58 Changeset [41101] by pento
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Tests: Rename tests with underscore in the name

There were a handful of files with an underscore in the name, which violated our naming scheme, and caused problems for anyone how enforced the scheme on their own systems.

This commit renames all of the files to the correct camelCase scheme.

Fixes #41658.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41261


23:37 Changeset [41100] by westonruter
  • trunk/wp-admin/js/widgets/text-widgets.js
  • trunk/wp-admin/js/widgets/text-widgets.min.js
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-text.php

Widgets: Prevent visual Text widget from decoding encoded HTML.

Also apply the_editor_content filters on widget text with format_for_editor() as is done for the post editor.

Amends [40631].
Props westonruter, azaozz.
See #35243.
Fixes #41596.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41260

21:04 Changeset [41099] by azaozz
  • trunk/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/link
  • trunk/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/link/plugin.js
  • trunk/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/link/plugin.min.js
  • trunk/wp-includes/js/tinymce/wp-tinymce.js.gz
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

TinyMCE: Add the default link plugin without enabling it. This makes it easy for WordPress plugins to use it at places where wplink is not suitable, for example when initializing the editor from JS.

Props turtlepod.
Fixes #41590.
Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41259


21:59 Changeset [41098] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-admin/includes/file.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Filesystem: Introduce the pre_move_uploaded_file filter.

Passing a non-null value to the filter will prevent the uploaded file from being moved to the uploads directory for any of the functions leveraging _wp_handle_upload(), such as wp_handle_upload() or wp_handle_sideload().

Error reporting related to the file being moved will also be skipped.

Props ryan, Mte90.
Fixes #24603.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41258

21:11 Changeset [41097] by DrewAPicture
  • trunk/wp-includes/canonical.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Canonical: Check first before attempting to include a 'path' value in the URL in strip_fragment_from_url().

Props Mte90.
Fixes #40542.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41257

19:04 Changeset [41096] by westonruter
  • trunk/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-color-control.php
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Customize: Harden color control's logic for obtaining default value to prevent JS error when non-string default supplied.

Props andreagobetti, yonivh for testing.
Fixes #37174.

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41256


09:16 Changeset [41095] by johnbillion
  • trunk/wp-includes/version.php

Options, Meta APIs: Update the multisite unit tests after [41254], [41164], and [41163].

This moves some more previously Multisite-only tests into the main test suite, and makes small adjustments to their assertions.

See #39118, #16470, #39117

Built from https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk@41255

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